Milk is  served as the basic and most essential nutrient in one’s diet, it contains nine essential nutrients making it one of most nutrient rich beverages consumed daily.

Milk provides the highest quality of natural vitamins and micro nutrients, it is the most widely consumed beverage all over the world. We at our diary serve BABA milk obtained from cows with highest precision with an aim to provide nourished and nutrients enriched milk to all. BABA milk comes in a packing of 250ml, 500ml, 2ltrs & 5ltrs and packed in a pouch which is approved by FDA. BABA milk is pasteurized in their manufacturing plant with specific guidelines to ensure the best hygienic product reaches their customers.


  • Lowest amount of microbial content.
  • Untouched by hands.
  • Manufactured under strict GMP guidelines.
  • Zero adulteration.
  • Contains good amount of minerals and vitamins.
  • No preservatives.